T Eleazer


Theodore Largman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived for many years within a short walk of Independence Hall.  The legendary building was an inspiration for him and enhanced his patriotic feelings and love of history. Ted’s parents immigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 1920’s and opened a restaurant whose upper floors served as the family’s home. Through his early years, Ted could often be found behind the deli counter or in a back booth studying when he was not helping with chores or teasing his younger sister, Evelyn.

Ted attended Temple University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. At the age of 18, he took a three year hiatus from his studies to enlist in the United States Army. A veteran of World War II, he was stationed in New Guinea and the Philippines where he was a technical expert and was decorated many times for his service. After the war, Ted went on to earn his Ph.D. in chemistry at Indiana University.

A job offer from Allied Chemical brought him to Morristown, New Jersey, where he was a Senior Research Scientist. During his 39 year tenure, Dr. Largman was awarded over 35 patents. He developed fire proof nylon, novel polymers, new agrichemicals, improved amino acid synthesis and an array of new synthetic fibers with singular properties and structure for use in carpets, textiles and fibers.

After his retirement, Ted sought to apply his creative talents to areas outside the field of science. Enrolling in numerous classes at local colleges and universities, he explored mediums such as photography, oil painting, wood carving and clay. Sculpture classes with Toni Lordi introduced him to a unique medium which he scientifically calls “Boxology”.

Ted’s artwork has moved from dioramas and shadow boxes to mystical and abstract presentations. They are best compared to three dimensional political cartoons, poems or erudite essays. Through his sculptures, Ted (who’s nom de plume is TEleazer) tells stories that challenge our way of thinking with juxtapositions of ancient and modern facts, often with a humorous twist. They concisely combine technology mythology, religion, science and irony.

Ted Largman is a widower living in Morristown, New Jersey. He has four children and is extensively involved in his community. Recent accomplishments include his appointment as chair of the Morris Township Environmental Commission and his successful launch of the Renaissance Group, a social and educational organization for elders, which has been replicated to 33 locations across the country.