Garden of Evil


22”h x 15”w x 5”d

Satan’s favorites

  • Adolf Hitler                      Genghis Khan
  • Josef Stalin                     Vlad the Impaler
  • Pol Pot                            Slobodan Milosevic
  • Dr. Josef Mengele           Caligula
  • Saddam Hussein             Osama Bin Laden
  • Benito Mussolini              Ayman Al Zawahri
  • Ivan the Terrible              Nero
  • Hideki Tojo                      Grigori Rasputin
  • Tomas de Torquemada  

Bones, gold teeth, doll artifacts of concentration camps.

Are Satan and the man eating crocodile creations of a Supreme Being? Who is the Gardener in the Garden of Evil?

First public presentation: Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show (2003)




26”h x 8”w x 5”d

We find ourselves down the rabbit hole in a world controlled by the Mad Hatter. Curious Alice is coming through the looking glass, to see what is going on in this strange world. She can’t believe her eyes…newborn diseased, deformed, and genetically defective infants are stuck on flypaper!

The artist poses the question, “If parents are informed that a fetus is damaged, incomplete, attached to a sibling, brain damaged, or has an incurable disease, etc, should it be allowed to come to full term?”

Well, you know what happens in this society, some parents will abort the fetus, others let it be born and put the burden of care and cost on society. A number of people would not want to live if they were deformed, restricted to a wheel chair or in constant care of others. Yet, if you ask many of these special people, many will say they are happy to be alive!

Tough choices!

First public showing: Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show (2003)


Who Controls the Remote?


32"h x 21"w x 6"d

This composite work presents the artists reflection on the events of 9-11-01.  In the upper panel, a portion of Michelangelo's famous work is portrayed, the artist asks the question  -Did God create Adam or did Adam invent God?

In the lower right panel, we see beautiful artificial flowers, which are so real looking that a butterfly is lured to them. Yes, man can create beautiful and useful things and then turn around and make them agents of destruction; viz. the sticks of dynamite; useful in construction of roads, dams and in mining etc and then in an instant subverted by suicide bombers.

The lower left panel portrays the ascent of man, from worshipping gods to finally becoming God.  At the bottom of the panel are objects depicting the ancient gods of the Aztecs, Greeks, Egyptians and Hindus are displayed.  Above these objects symbols of present day religions are visible-Christian, Jewish, Moslem and Buddhism.  Finally, at the top of the panel, modern man arrives with computers, cloning test tube babies (left) and stem cell research (right).  He is about to enter the "brave new world".  The gods and religious symbols are covered with dust gathered from ground zero (WTC)!!  So, back to the posed question, "Who is in control?"

Note: the REMOTE in question is not readily visible-it is attached to the top of the lower right panel.

Public showings:

2003 Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show 


Are you Sure?


16"h x 13"w x 13"d

Looking into the temple we see a number of children worshipping the Chinese god of long life.  Naturally, they are praying for a long life, but look behind the god and see a crippled figure, it is Buddha!  Outside the temple an old man is observing the scene and remarks, "are you sure you want a long life?"


A Different Clone


12”h x 7”w x 7”d

Here, in this enclosed universe, under the surveillance of the Mad Hatter, a clone is "born" that is different.  What to do?  The Mad Hatter decides in order to maintain a properly run universe the oddity must be removed!  The sentence - hanging.  The odd ball is made to climb the thirteen stairs (Til Eulenspiegel) to the hanging platform and is dropped into eternity.

On A Clear Day... You Can See Forever


18"h x 14"w x 5"d

Even scientists need glasses to see forever. So in 1990 NASA launched the Hubble Telescope into space to give those scientists a better view of what is out there in the dark night.

With their improved sight, the Hubble "eye in the sky" has recently brushed away the cobwebs in the sky and is now peering back to the beginning of time! In fact, one of the most recent discoveries by the telescope is a galaxy that is estimated to be 13 billion years old. With the Big Bang estimated at about 14 billion years ago, the scientists are truly getting close to seeing forever.

Post No Bills


18"h x 14"w x 5"d

12 11 10
  9   8   7
  6   5   4
  3   2   1
I have combined Mondrian with Warhol to make a Largman.  Not visible in the picture below are statements engraved in various panels.

1 We are all Semites
4 Suicides do not discriminate
5 I have killed thousands of Moslems
6 I have killed thousands of Christians
7 Why are we smiling?
10 The anti-Semites love us

As this is written the whereabouts of Sadaam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are unknown.


The Clone Colony


36"h x 24"w x 3"d

Portrayed here is a colony of human clones patterned after a termite colony.  Naturally a queen is required and casting has sent over the Queen of Hearts.  But, as you can see in this strange colony it is not the queen who is ministered to, it is this strange naturally born baby, whose protein requirements are supplied by the clones.  Perhaps if casting had sent over the wicked queen from Snow White it would have been a more interesting colony!

We Have Come A Long Way


27"h x 8"w x 6"d

Billions of years after the Big Bang (portrayed on stained glass), life began on the planet Earth.  Then thousands of years ago a man appeared who could not only add, he could multiply, - what a breakthrough!  In due time the abacus was invented to facilitate the counting.  Man a curious creature was also exploring the world (antique map) and the solar system (satellite photo).  Finally, with the invention of the computer the virtual world was encountered-it is the child riding the mouse that will lead the way.

In the meantime detours along the way-we have couple of clowns conversing on the internet-their mundane thoughts are converted to pearls of wisdom and sent on to others (one is masked depicting unknown correspondents) in the chat rooms.  The pearls continue moving in the World Wide Web sometimes as misconceptions (black pearls) sometimes as distortions (irregular pearls) and now and then as golden concepts.

 529/11 TrilogyRabbi Alvin Fine wrote a poem that begins with the lines:

Birth is a beginning                                                     And death a destination.                                              But life is a journey…


Life Is A Journey


25"h x 14"w x 4"d

Recently, seeing photos of people leaping from windows of the Trade Towers, inspired this piece. The attack on America (symbolized by the colors of the flag) and the Trade Towers (symbolized by the white stripes) and the resultant tragedy (the falling bodies). Yes, life is a journey and it is more than the last moment.

And Death A Destination


31"h x 15"w x 6"d

Recently, seeing photos of people leaping from windows of the Trade Towers, inspired this trilogy.  In this piece the attack on America, is symbolized by the colors of the flag and the Trade Towers are depicted by the white stripes and finally the tragedy - the falling bodies.  The descending bodies are slowly enveloped in actual dust collected from ground zero.  The victims having made the journey now rest with their fellow travelers on sacred ground.

Rebirth is a New Beginning


35”h x 15”w x 6”d

Recently, seeing photos of people leaping from windows of the Trade Towers inspired this trilogy. The previous pieces focused on the second and third lines. This piece is a departure from the poem in that after tragedy we see a new and better world. Ground Zero is sanctified, the Freedom Tower is constructed and the souls of the victims protecting the newborns soar into the future! “The sun will come out tomorrow.”




48"h x 16"w x 7"d

This piece is constructed to somewhat resemble the Tabernacle, described in the Old Testament as the container that held the Ten Commandments.

When you read the translation you may smile, my objective is to make you think beyond the humor.  The warning is directed to the unsuspecting population that tolerates fanatics who perform sinful deeds in the name of god!

This      Warning
You       If
Are       You
Too      Can
Close!  Read


Enough Already


31"h x 14"w x 7"d

The bottom section shows the Earth, crowded with people.  The Earth is sitting in the lap of an ancient Mayan god –many people still worship images/icons (golden goat).

If you travel upward-leaving the overpopulated Earth you pass through a boundary of slogans.  Allah Akbar-God is great! Adonai Ehod-God is One!  Habe fiduciam in Domino—Trust the Lord! Trust but verify!

We now enter the space controlled by the Tiffany God.  The Kabbalah diagram shows the Shekinah pointing to the Tiffany God.  Looking around in this universe, we see the “Hatchery” (upper left) filled with planets, that are soon to be spread through the universe.  Will the universe become “overplaneted”?


Who's Tears


24"h x24"w x 7"d

Prophets of the three major religions are displayed-each with a tear.  Death and destruction are depicted in the background.  Additional tears are raining down on the bones.  Humanity is capable and persists in destroying large segments of its own species.  Who has failed?  Man?  Religion?  God?

Can You Hear Me Now?


31"h x 21"w x 7"d

Miss Liberty (representing America) is on the cell phone - all America is connected.  Cell towers are like weeds, appearing all over the landscape.  Will their presence be limited to voice transmission or will visual observation be added?  Will cell towers become a tool of Big Brother?

Mah Jong Conversation


24"h x 20"w x 6"d

Cast: Virtual Woman with big "brain" - VW1
         Virtual Woman with small "brain" - VW2

The two virtual women are conversing as they play mah jong.  Let's listen in on the conversation.  Can you identify the statements uttered with a particular VW?
VW? - I think VW should have the right to vote. 
VW? - Are you crazy?
VW? - Either one of us has more knowledge than most of the voting population-we would choose good leaders - intelligently.
VW? - Humans feel that the most intelligent people do not necessarily make the best leaders
VW? - You know in this country the human male did not allow the human female to vote until 1920?
VM? - Do you think if VW ever got the right to vote, would we ever give virtual men the same right?

Artist note: The stained glass was deliberately chosen to distort the heads, but he was unaware of the effect on conversation!


Intelligent Design?


37"h x 24"w x 7"d

The upper right of the piece presents life created by God as presented in the bible with animals appearing before man (upper center).

Lower right depicts a design failure by the Creator - dinosaurs from egg to fossil.  The right side and the upper right show man becoming "the Creator/Designer" going through stem cells and cloning - improving the specie.  But Man made a serious design mistake by inventing a number of religions depicted by the worship of a Coke bottle ("The Gods Must Be Crazy").

The center shows a computer with both Man and God claiming its creation (right circle contains a butterfly showing a beautiful creation by God, the left circle holds a mirror your reflection validates Man's ability to create something beautiful).

The mock turtle, neither Man nor God, wishes to claim this product as an example of "Intelligent Design".  The timepiece in the center stresses the importance of time, a requirement for all designs to come to fruition!                                 


Evolution - Or How the Norton Virus Saved Mankind


24"h x 24"w x6"d

Two types of evolution are presented in this piece. Behind the abacus is a mirror.  If you position yourself in front of the abacus you get the Darwinian evolution (chimp/man) p not saying we descended (ascended?) we had a common ancestor!

The other evolution presented in the abacus going to the calculator and finally the computer.  But the computer is rapidly evolving.  The computer is presented as tubes (passageway) filled with bits of information.  The tubes in the back represent the original Apple (left) and IBM (right).  Then with the passage of time we see the computers becoming part of the environment - showing foliage on the tube surface, until you and the chimp are completely encircled and become prisoners of the computer (even now when the computers go down in a store, bank, etc. all activity ceases).

Many years ago, Norton understood what was going to happen, he developed a virus that would "kill" a computer (red spheres) and quietly infected computers during the manufacturing process.  Dying computers are shown in the background (black spheres)! Mankind will be saved!!


This—I did not intend


20”h x 32”w x 8”d

Lower right is the profile of a special person---who believes he knows what God wants. He can be a priest, minister, rabbi, imam, shaman, monk, etc. He is looking through a kaleidoscope that is focused on his God! A god that is all eye, ear and brain—sees all, hears all and knows all. Is this the real God? Looking beyond him (far left corner) a dazzling, mysterious jewel –a representation of the Unfathomable. The Creator?

Below the “widely accepted” Controller—another act that “will live in infamy”! A child (Daniel Pearl) has been decapitated, by a religious group. This group has been “butchering” for years (as seen in lower left corner). In the upper right corner, a clock showing the time as five minutes to midnight.

Symbolism of stained glass—on right, the earth destroyed by flood –on left the future destruction, by fire (global warming)! The question-which God is allowing (requiring?) these acts to continue?


Choose Life!!! (The Two Right Arms of God)


18”h x 32”w x 6”d

God has two right arms!! One, golden-offering life to the chooser, the other bloodied, offering death. On the right side-God has created the universe on the left side planets have been incinerated!!!

The background is the Helix nebulae commonly called “God’s eye”.


Too Late - It Has Escaped!


30"h x 20"w x 6"d

The “it” in the title refers to human beings-which I liken to a virus. This virulent life form has been rapidly multiplying and along the way has been trashing the earth. Check the dump sites in the US, China, India, Africa, but put on a gas mask before you take this survey. Take a walk along the beaches of the Eastern seaboard and you will notice them strewn with plastic bags, beer and soda bottles, electronic refuse, hypodermic needles and other detritus that the virus has deposited wherever it has alighted. The presence of the Statue of Liberty artifact (for those who remember) reprises the final scene of the “Planet of the Apes”.

The big picture shows the “blue planet” Earth, covered with the virus. The virus has managed to send probes to the Moon and Mars, accidentally (?) leaving a trail of DNA. Will it stop there? 

Interestingly, in the background of this unwholesome portrayal, is the Helix nebula, frequently referred to as “the eye of GOD”. Isn’t it time for --- to do some micromanaging?


The Voyeur


24"h x 18"w x 6"d

I have always been fascinated with Renee Magritte’s paintings of bowler hat men. What were they looking at?

Well, I answered the question in this box. I have the man as a young voyeur looking out of a window- at a flooded street scene-a young lady has sought refuge on a window ledge. Apparently there has been a conversation—and a question has been asked and one of them is waiting for the answer---WELL.

The upper half of the box depicts the Voyeur later in life, thinking of his own mortality—and looking at the possibility of an afterlife. An image of God appears and tells the Voyeur—“CHOOSE—believe in me and I will give you an afterlife otherwise you will disappear into the blackness”.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


18x"h x 30"w x 5"d

Doctors/health care is the third leading cause of death in the United States killing 225,000 people every year (JAMA, July 2000).

Last year (2009) I fell and tore my rotator cuff. As a result I saw many physicians and physical therapists. This happened in the midst of being assaulted by the news media – TV, newspapers, radio, and magazines – reporting on the health care debate. As the debate raged on, I realized that I had one more commentary box left in me. I had the title, “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” before I started work on it. Inspired by the title, I decided to fuse together three medicine cabinets, each one representing one of the subjects in the title.

I chose Doctors Without Borders, one of my favorite charities, to represent The Good. These wonderful people work under hazardous conditions in all parts of the Third World. At the time I started thinking about this box, they were in Haiti treating victims of the horrible earthquake. You will notice the door to their section is ajar. I want Good to come and go and never be hindered.

The Bad in the middle medicine chest is represented by the doctor with a mask made of money. Interestingly, the Time magazine cover in this piece dates back to 1978. The problem of the poor not affording adequate medical care has been around forever! We have police and firemen protecting all of us. It would be nice if the medical corps would join that group.

Finally there is The Ugly. In this medicine cabinet, along with costly useless medicines, I have placed a copy of my father’s death certificate. Look closely and you will see the cause of death – therapeutic misadventure! While in the recovery room after surgery, he bled to death while nurses were busy elsewhere!

Over 200,000 people die each year from hospital errors!

Does anyone really doubt that the healthcare system has room for improvement?

God Revisits Earth


This tongue-in-cheek piece answers the question everyone is wondering about and finally gives voice to what G-d is thinking about our management skills here on this beautiful planet.

After traveling through the Universe, for several thousand years, G-d returns to Her favorite blue planet. She can't believe how humans have trashed her jewel.

"G-d damn it! I leave this beautiful planet for a second (6000 years), I put Adam in charge, gave him the rules and left to take care of the rest of the Universe and look what happens! Can you believe this?! Adam and his brood have turned the Garden of Eden into a garbage dump. Well, obviously the solution is to destroy it and start over. Wait! I’ll let Kim Il and his buddy Akinijab (or whatever his name is) set off their bombs. When the dust settles, I’ll put Eve in charge.”

OK, maybe that was just the artist putting words and thoughts into the Creator’s mouth. According to the artist, this is what you are viewing

G-d returns to “Earth” through a worm hole and emerges through a pile of garbage in the middle of a desert. As you well know, deserts are man made as well as “climate made”. All the grass is gone and Astro-turf has taken its place! G-d is hairless because she is trying out some chemotherapy drugs prior to passing them on to“big Pharma”. She always tests the various diseases on Herself first before punishing the defilers.

G-d has a green arm just in case she has to “re-vegetate” the planet. The slogan on Her arm, “Long, long ago” brings back memories of how good things were in the Garden of Eden. And now, all is littered – bottles, cans, plastic garbage bags, war material, electronic waste, etc.

 66 Ask Your Doctor


12"h x 18"w x 3"d

 Happened to be watching a TV program where every 10 minutes or so there was a drug commercial and at the end you were told to "Ask your doctor".  

The pharmaceutical industry keeps us well informed about their products.  The left side of the box contains a huge number of pills that the drug companies try to persuade us to take to relieve our aches and pains or cure our health problems.  Etched at the bottom of the panel is a man struggling to pay for these medications.  The right side of the box contains a natural drug that the government has declared illegal, even though it has been shown to be useful!

Now if the pharmaceutical industry had discovered this drug (marijuana) and patented it, you (the public), would be able to obtain it!

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