12”h x 10”w x 3”d

The elements of the modern Passover Seder are on view.  The background is matzo, Elijah is present, the bitter herbs and the shank bone and - oh yes—the can of (kosher for Passover) Coca Cola.


Fertility God


12”h x 10”w x 4”d

A multitude of children issue from this god, but are we happy with the results?

A heap of babies, to the right, are born diseased or genetically marked to suffer catastrophic illness in the future.

The heap of babies, on the left, is healthy, but unwanted.

The babies trapped in the net (top right) are awaiting sale/adoption.

The babies on the string are the lucky ones, healthy and going to parents who will love and nurture them.


Serpent's Choice


18”h x 15”w x 6”d

The scene depicted in the box, is that fateful day in the Garden of Eden, when the serpent tempts Eve with the apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

God does NOT direct the serpent! He is a “free agent”. Of all the primates in the Garden, he is attracted to the blond Barbie figure.  Since the serpent is a phallic figure/symbol, the attraction is not unexpected.

We would be living on the “Planet of the Apes” if the serpent was attracted to one of the other primates!

The translation of the Hebrew word (top, right) is sin/wickedness.


Separate - But NOT Equal


16"h x 20"w x 5"d

On the right side of the box, we have the Fertility God bringing children into the world through the old fashioned way many are wanted and are healthy, but a number have genetic defects are sickly, ill formed and generally unwanted.

Many children of the third world are trying to penetrate a curtain (abacus) of money and find a better life. Of course, children of the future world (left side) will be healthy, beautiful and wanted—if the parents have enough money. Coins are fed into the vending machine choices are made and the computer puts together a “Barbie” or a “Ken.” The headless child (top left) has been cloned for body parts.

27Will the Real Adam Please Stand Up!


24”h x 18”w x 6”d

Sub titled: From Banana To Apple

This box portrays the fundamental differences between science and religion, regarding the origins of man.

The lower portion shows science uncovering fossils and developing the evolution of man-from early primates (symbolized by the banana). The Bible picks up the creation story at the last stage, symbolized by the apple/snake.

The floating egg, asks the question—which came first?

God (G. Burns) is in his heaven and is ready to reward the real Adam with Eve (Barbie). The cat and bird are God’s pets. Will the cat eat the bird?

Public showings:
1999 County College of Morris
1998 Marantz Gallery


Perception is in the Skin of the Beholder


14"h x 37"w x 3"d

Perception is reality!

This piece reflects on the familiar statement “that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I play with the statement and come up with a variation—“the way we perceive the world, depends on skin color”.

In a multi-racial society, your future may depend on your skin color. So, how you are treated and what you can accomplish frequently is enhanced or hindered by the color of your epidermis. In this box there are three individuals, looking at the same image, yet they see it differently! But, note that animals, such as the tiger shown here, observe the world far more simply, if it moves it is edible or of no consequence.

Perception is in the Culture of the Beholder


14"h x 37"w x 3"d

This is another piece that reflects upon what affects the way we perceive the world. In a companion piece, it was noted, that while “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, perception of the world around us depends upon skin color. In this piece another factor comes into play—the culture in which the observer was raised.

Thus the Chinese child sees a “red” world, the religious fundamentalist sees a monochromatic blue world and the cosmopolitan sees a colorful world.

Public Showings:
1999 City Without Walls, Newark, NJ.


La Victroix de Femmes (C.C.)


24"h x 14"w x 6"h

When doors a re closed, we are looking at an entrance to temple, faint silhouettes on doors-are male and female Coca Cola bottles-to remind us “that the gods must be crazy.”

When the doors are opened, we see the interior of the templecontaining the Gods; Aphrodite, Minerva and Artemis.  The Gods of love, war and Mother Earth.  Artemis originally had human sacrifices dedicated to her.  With time a drop of blood from the neck of the male was sufficient-this is depicted n the rudimentary abacus in the background.  Finally, animal sacrifices were used in the ceremonies.  Over several millennia, the fortunes of the female gender went from god to slavery to the glass ceiling and finally to supremacy.  The males were overwhelmed, falling from dominant to consort to useless.  The females had learned how to clone her self!

The victorious woman is portrayed on the left door and the last man on earth on the right door

Symbol behind Artemis is the Great Sundial of Life.


Ten Commandments for the Third Millennia


25"h x 33"w x 4"d

I   I am Thy God, do with me as you will.

II Thou shall not photograph me, unless I am properly made up.

III Use my name to cure your enemies.

IV The Sabbath is for football, cinema and eating out.

V Honor thy father and mother, even if they are divorced and living with significant others.

VI Thou shall not kill, except for God and country.

VII Thou shall not commit adultery, except for lust.

VIII Stealing from the government must be done carefully.

IX Perjury, on occasion, can be helpful.

X If your neighbor is beautiful, drives a Ferrari, and has a villa in the countryside, do not covet Everything,


The Real Thing


17"h x 14"w x 7"d

Not too long ago, the country was drowning in a debate started in Washington D.C. that asked, “What the meaning of ‘is’ is.” That debate changed the way many people look at sex . . . and a Webster’s Dictionary.

For those engaged in this debate, the word “real” might present some real problems, as depicted in this piece that captures many everyday ordinary items and asks which of them is real.

Real could mean authentic – as opposed to counterfeit. It could mean something is fixed or permanent as in real property. It could also mean not artificial; illusory or apparent. A synonym could be genuine, being precisely what the name implies, giving rise to the irony of a real counterfeit. Philosophically, “real” could be defined as existing objectively, actual (not merely possible or ideal).

In this piece everything is real, and yet, some might judge them as not real. Can you tell the difference? Where does one draw the line?

Public showings:
2001 Gaelen Juried Art Show


I Want You... Monica!


26"h x 17"w x 4"d

 An old building is being renovated.  In opening up a plaster wall a World War I poster is revealed.  But, our leaders portrayed by Uncle Sam, no longer want soldiers, they want her!  This piece was originally titled “I Want You” the thought being, with the cold war over Uncle Sam could redirect his requirements.  But, when the name Monica is added to the title, a number of other thoughts, come to mind.  Is the piece now commentary on our leadership and its obsession with “that woman”?  Is the piece timeless?  Many leaders in the past have had inappropriate liaisons and most likely many future leaders (men and woman) will act in a similar manner.

There Goes the Neighborhood


24"h x 18"w x 6"d

This piece is a commentary on how related groups behave toward an obviously different individual, who wishes to become part of the group.

In this instance, we have a neighborhood of gargoyles living in peace for centuries.  Then on day Frankenstein’s monster moves into their midst. It is obvious; he is not one of them.  The gargoyle in the background is obviously distraught.  But wait; a short time later someone kills the monster, by driving a nail into his head.  Now the same gargoyle that was distraught earlier, is sympathetic and crying, “why did they do it?”.

The ugly clay pigeons have their own neighborhood; a pretty cardinal moves in-it is not accepted.  Yes, it is pretty, but it does not belong.

 Public Showings:
2000 Judges’ selection for Gaelen Annual Juried Art Show
2004 Exhibited Hunterdon Art Museum


I Shall Make Thee Exceedingly Numerous


25"h x 26"w x 5"d

 “ I am EL Shaddai. Walk in my ways and be blameless. I will establish My covenant between Me and you and I will make thee exceedingly numerous.” It seems that God was talking to

2000 Judges’ selection for Gaelen Annual Juried Art Show


Heaven, Hell and Here


16"h x 48"w x 6"d

Three worlds are bonded together by a chain and (antique) lock.  In each, a man sits at a table drinking wine from a golden goblet.  If you ask Him, “Where are you?”  His answer will depend on his quality of life—Right Here!

Why Am I Here at This Time?


39"h x 26"w x 6"d

This piece is divided into three parts----the biblical past, the present and the future.

  1. Top left, Adam under the tree of knowledge ready to eat the apple.
  2. Moses at the Red Sea
  3. Finally, the Crucifixion of Christ-To be followed by the Resurrection. Top right, the well known cloned Dolly—with DNA strands bundled nearby.

Connecting 2. and 3. together, are  pieces of matzo commemorating the flight from Egyptand the last Passover meal of Christ. 

  1. The prediction that man will be traveling to other planets, illustrated by the footprint on the moon – and the black monoliths of 2001.
  2. Future man viewing himself in an electronic device that will insert his brain in the surrounding robots, the first step to immortality.

Finally the viewer is placed in the center (HERE) and views his image through the fetus, Symbolism of the potential answers to the question---Why am I HERE----at this time?  Scattered in the center—

  1. Chance—dice show snake eyes (connection with serpent/apple).
  2. Prophecy—fortune cookies and Nostrademus.
  3. DNA –the fundamental requirement for life past, present and future.

AHH-yes, the roulette wheel—is life a game of chance?

The fortune cookies, lower left, symbolism for the prophecy of the Christ saga.


Or Would You Rather Be ...?*


26"h x 21"w x 5"d

Stained glass symbols depict the rivalry of sun and the moon.  The sun is powerful and source of life.  The moon is a reflection, but admired by lovers.

Aphrodite, goddess of love, arose from the sea, Symbolized by the seashells.

Athena, goddess of hunt/war, after millennia of worship, is in a reflective mood.  Would she have been happier if she were loved, rather than worshipped?

*Or would you like to swing on a star

Carry moonbeams home in a jar

And be better off than you are

Or would you rather be a…….?

The ancients saw the life giving force of the sun. Lovers and poets favored the luminosity and beauty of the moon.

Public showings:
2003 Atrium Art Show - First place
2004 Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show
2004 Mangel Gallery


Topsy Turvey


12"h x 18"w x 10"d

O                        E
P                        V 
S                        R 
E                        U 
Y                        T 
T                        Y 
U                        E 
R                        S 
V                        P 
E                        O 

Prototype Genie


12"h x 12"w x 12"d

This is an interactive sculpture.  The participant must write a note as to what habit (smoking, drinking, nail biting, etc) they wish to “kick” and insert it in lower section.  In 271 days the Genie will work a wondrous change in the note writer.  This Genie is not capable of granting health, wealth or sex favors.

Public showings:
2002 Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show


Michaelangelo's Secret

2000 or 2001

22"h x 34"w x 4"d

Is this explanation for real?  When the Sistine Chapel was recently cleaned, the figure of a chimpanzee was found under God’s and Adam’s fingers.  This was not disclosed to the press.  It is believed that Michelangelo in his study of human anatomy came to the conclusion that man descended from primates (not yet accepted by the Primates).  Two chimps viewing the uncovered ancestor, had no comment.

Public showings:
2001 Atrium Art Show - First place
2002 Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show


In His Image


27"h x 17"w x 6"d

In a galaxy far away a prophecy is uncovered, that God was about to be born on the planet Earth!  Three Wise Men are sent with gifts to honor and observe the birth.  The space ship arrives and the Wise Men deposit the gifts and are swiftly transported to the manger where they see the Madonna and ?