Financial Expert - Orange County, CA


11"h x 9"w x 2"d

I was attending sculpture classes in early 1994, when Professor Lordi challenged the class to submit a work containing “found art’.

Cleaning out my desk, I came upon an old birthday card in the shape of a squirrel. Coincidently, making news at that time was the bankruptcy of the prosperous district of Orange County, California. In that moment, a sarcastic thought crossed my mind — a squirrel with a nut abacus could do better than the so-called financial experts in California! Voila, a new piece was born!
In this piece, the financially astute squirrel “reads” the Wall Street Journal (box background) and proceeds to the nut abacus to work out a formula to bring Orange County out of bankruptcy!

If the viewer of this box happens to have a financial problem, get in line and let the brilliant squirrel provide a solution for you. However, make sure to have either one walnut or two almonds as a down payment for the solution!


Backroom -Barings Bank, Singapore


11"h x 9"w x 2"d


Fly Me to the Moon


15"h x 12"w x 5"h

On the vertical abacus, we have attempts by God to put together a proper solar system.  The first attempt had all the planets the same, representing an affirmative action universe---it didn’t work!! God continued playing around with numbers and sizes, until He got it right. In this box we have a Mon map in the background and a Winged Victory and an Apollo rocket leaving the Earth, heading for the Moon. There is an ice cap on the Earth.  The earth is sitting on the back of a turtle, an ancient Chinese belief.  Winged Victory is carried by the Power Ranger, (bursting through the cloud). Feather—“the Gump thing”.

Juxtaposition seen here is the interplay of the ancient and modern technologies.  The computer controls the Apollo and the abacus controls Winged Victory.

Public showings:
1996 - Arts Council of the Morris Area-First Night
1997 - Diviana Gallery


A Prince Shall Not Eat M&Ms


13"h x 10"w x 5"d




12"h x 10"w x 5"d


Reclining Lady


11"h x 9"w x 4"d


Fisherman Abacus


11"h x 9"w x 4"d


Reversal of Fortune


15"h x 12"w x 5"d


Big Bang - 16th Century


14"h x 14"w x 4"d

About five thousand years after the world was created in six days, Galileo de Vinci, advanced the theory that the solar system actually evolved from the explosion of the MOTHER PLANET.  The Big Bang resulted in the immediate formation Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

God, Prophets and Deities


22"h x 22"w x 6"d

The shape of the box is a temple abstraction.  The wings of the attic are used as storage space for ancient gods, who no longer have a following (e.g. Chinese god of long life and Horus the Egyptian god).  The representations in the center of the box depict symbols of present day religions—Buddha, Ganesh, Christ a portion of the Haggadah (left wall) a faceless Mohammed (right wall).  Background figures are Adam and Eve who were made in God’s image.   In the center attic (Heaven) the hand of God is shown pushing a computer board through the birth canal. The computer is the new prophet…. perhaps a future god???

Public showings:

1996 Arts Council for the Morris Area-First Night

1997 Diviana Gallery

1998 Marantz Gallery

1999 Visual Arts Gallery, CCM 


God of Steel


16"h x13"w x 5"d

Only man can recognize GOD

Without man there is no GOD

Man was not made in GOD’S image

Man made GOD’S image.

Background drawing depicts ancient man melting metal.  They eventually made an idol made of steel---portraying GOD.  In creating their GOD, they also set the rules for reverence and daily living that would please their GOD.

Several thousand years later, modern Man still worships the GOD of Steel, According to the ancient guidelines: With timely modifications made by the high priest (within the idol).




22"h x 8"w x 6"d

The Sum of the Parts is GREATER than the Whole

A large ancient tapestry is in the background-it is hard for the eye to grasp all the details. But put a frame around one object-it becomes noticeable and important. The opposite of “can’t see the forest for the trees.”


Beauty and the Beast


21"h x 11"w x 6"d

The Beauty is surprised by the beast, which is emerging from the vase!!

Note: The background is a Chinese fan with calligraphy on the side.  A peacock feather emanating from the vase arches over the Beauty. In the upper right hand corner there is a suspended butterfly.  These items along with the red bird nesting in Beauty’s “bird” hat –bring color and beauty to the scene.  The wood structure represents a porch of a teahouse covering Beauty’s garden.

Women Are From...?


15"h x 13"w x 6"d

The viewer decides where they are from----Venus or Athena.  Shown in background is a Dali picture of Venus.  Box given a temple or museum quality through suggestion of rafters and marble floor.

Venus has necklace of pearls and precious stones. Jewelry is also shown on her abacus.  Athena has a breastplate hanging from her neck.  Men’s heads and gonads are seen on her abacus.


Abacus, Abacus


17"h x 21"w x6"d

On the right side of the box, we see a floating abacus, used by the God of Long Life to allocate the days of life for all creatures. This God used to be an imposing figure, but so few people believe in him that now he is diminished in size and must stand on a mushroom in order to reach the abacus. 

On the left side is a merchant, only concerned with figuring his profits on an abacus—he doesn’t realize that he is a prisoner of an abacus (gold and silver beads) good and evil (black and white beads) and the environment (green/spring and fall/orange beads). 

Suddenly, an apparition appears. It is artificial intelligence controlled by a troll and a chimpanzee. The abacus is no longer needed. All decisions will be made by intelligence. Morals, ethics, prejudice, cynicism, selfishness, love, etc. will not be considered!  Dependent creatures (dog) cry out, “Who will feed Me?”

Public showings:

1996 Arts Council of the Morris Area-First Night

1997 Diviana Gallery

1998 Marantz Gallery

2004 Mangel Gallery
In the collection of Barbara Leidner


The Eleventh Plague


21"h x 11"w x 6"h

This box (which is lighted internally) is divided into three scenes from Exodus.  Top scene - Staff into serpent - "Let my people go!"  Middle scene - Pharoh/Egypt experience the plagues, frogs, insects, blood, etc.  Bottom scene - the burial chamber of Pharoh's first born.  Not noted in the Old Testament is the terrible eleventh plague - if Pharoh did not free the Isrealites after the "death of the first born" a pyramid would have been dropped on him!!! 


The Great Shuttlecock in the Sky


21"h x 26"w x 5"d

The viewer is out in space looking toward the blue planet (Earth).  Spread throughout the box are a number of abacuses depicting a variety of planetary systems.  At the top of the scene, phases of the moon are visible; they symbolize the passage of time.  The two columns are covered with maps of the moon’s surface - note the eyes - they are the eyes of GOD!  They are focused on the shuttlecock and God is directing the pilot to weave the dark energy (black netting) of the universe into a mysterious pattern.


Tenoch Discovers the New World


15"h x 13"w x 6"d

The patriarch of the Aztecs brings back to his homeland techniques of building monuments.

Background is a scene of Abu Simbel. The box shows the way looked long ago, we can’t whether the site is being filled in with sand or whether it is being uncovered. The gold statue in the middle is of an unknown pharaoh and his consort. The 3D effect of the background is brought forward with the wooden rafters. Sand surrounds the base of the statue. Four capped columns outline the box. Ceiling is painted to compliment the colors of the box .


Sometimes…God Chooses Not To Hear


11"h x 9"w x 4"d

The golden ear portrays God’s presence, and since God would be a 6000-year-old man, He would be a little hard of hearing and requires a hearing aid, which He can turn on and off. Thus when humanity tries to get His attention through the aid of the shofar, He may have turned the hearing aid OFF!!! The skeleton represents the Holocaust or any tragedy when God did not respond.


Public showings:

1998 Marantz Gallery

1998 City Without Walls, First place

1998 Atrium Art show

2000 Gaelen Annual Juried Art Show


Straw Boss Oversees Construction


13"h x 11"w x 5"d

An assemblage of architectual details, which the straw boss (hidden in center) is trying to fit together.

Clone God


12"w x 9"h x 4d

On the left side is a strand of DNA guiding the production of numerous clones that are issuing from the Maltese clone god. Floating in the upper right, is a container holding defective clones.



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